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Get a Grip on Your Game

May 20th, 2012

In the world of racquet sports, and many other sports that involve holding something, three things are more important that anything else if you want to be the best at your game: grip, grip, and grip. A strong body, good technique, fast reflexes, and excellent endurance are useless if you can’t keep a good grip on whatever it is you are holding. But after a couple of hours of good hard play oily sweat can start to roll down your arms and make gripping your racquet, club, or bat very difficult. Because of this, it is often advisable to swear a sweat absorbing wristband to keep sweat from reaching your hands.

The invention of the sweatband is widely attributed to the tennis great Fred Perry. Perry had been approached by Tibby Wegner, an Austrian footballer, with and idea for an anti-perspirant device worn around the wrist. With a few modifications to Wegner’s design, Perry created the first sweatband, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The sweatband has since played an important role in many sports — particularly in racquet sports where maintaining good grip on the racquet is important. In fact, if you try to do a quick search of all the tennis players who play at the professional level, you’ll find that nearly all of them use a sweatband when their out playing on the court. Serious tennis players all know that sweatbands are important part of proper court apparel if you really care about being at your very best on the court, and it’s really no wonder why sweatbands were originally intended for tennis players when Fred Perry invented them in the first place.

Sweatband use in professional level badminton is not as prolific as it is in tennis — due to the fact that badminton players have more opportunity to towel down and because sweat absorbent powders may be used to help keep the racquet handle dry. However, there are still quite a few professional players who use them, and some beginner players may also find them useful.

But how do you use a wristband correctly?

There really is no wrong or right way to use a wristband, however, there are some basics to them that you might want to keep in mind.

  • First, always remember that sweatbands are not intended to help avoid or reduce injury. The elastic nature of wristbands means that they will offer minimal support against hard hits that have the potential to cause broken bones or a sprained wrist. They can, however, help to support a previously injured joint by partially immobilizing it — but you’re better off using a tightly wrapped elastic wrap instead. They can also help to keep mentholated plasters in place during activity.
  • On an uninjured wrist, you will want to position the wristband higher up your arm — especially in racquet sports — because positioning the wristband right over your wrist restricts the movement and can feel rather uncomfortable. Look at the way that most tennis players position the wristband and you will them sitting just above or a little higher than the bend of the wrist.
  • A wristband doesn’t only help to keep your hands dry, it can also be used to wipe sweat off your face. In fact, in racquet sports, it is encouraged to use the wristband for this purpose to avoid getting facial oils on your hands. This aspect also makes wristbands practical for many other sports.
  • Take into consideration how much you sweat when buying a new wristband. If you don’t sweat a lot a thinner wristband might suffice, however, if you sweat profusely during play, opt for a double-width wristband.
  • It is also a good idea to have more than one wristband with you when you play or train. After several hours of playing or training, the wristband will start to become soggy and heavy with perspiration, which cause the wristband to loosen up slightly. This can cause the wristband to slide out of place and the additional weight of perspiration can not only feel uncomfortable, it can also feel quite alien and ruin your ability to concentrate on the game.


Wristband can help you maintain a good grip on your racquet, and thus help to improve your game. Here at Bigboxsave, we have a great collection of wristbands available. Click here to see the collection. We also have a wide variety of different sports equipment. Check out the relevant sports categories on our website to see everything we have to offer!

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Get to Know the Bigboxsave Network a Little Better

May 13th, 2012

Bigboxsave was launched as on August 2008 with the desire to bring affordable products designed and manufactured in China to the world. Few sites like Bigboxsave existed that offered inexpensive alternatives to commercial products available on the internet at that time, and many consumers were being hit by various scams similar sites that sold products that didn’t stand up to quality. Unable to continue doing business from losing customers due to bad service experiences, such sites from 2 to 3 years back have all but vanished. New scam sites continue to pop up, but only those that really made it a point to only deliver goods that pass certain standards of quality have survived through the years.

Bigboxsave is one of those sites. The simple fact that we are still here is proof that we do good business and customers return to us for apparel, electronics, mobile phones, sports equipment, and a whole lot of other items. In fact, Bigboxsave isn’t just doing well, it’s growing! And it has turned into a network of niche marketplaces to better serve the differing needs of certain groups of customers.

In previous posts, we mentioned Beebond (which started out as ChinaSaleDeal) as Bigboxsave’s sister site. In the distant past, Beebond dealt with nothing but mobile phones. Last year, however, we expanded Beebond’s catalog to include a whole range of electronic devices. Beebond is now the Bigboxsave network’s electronics-centered marketplace.

TigCig was also mentioned in the past on this blog. TigCig manufacturers most of the electronic cigarettes we offer on the site, but it is also now a niche marketplace where you can purchase electronic cigarettes at discount prices, and is the dedicated website of the Bigboxsave network for that purpose.

Sparta7 has yet to be mentioned on this blog, but it has existed for a few months now. What is Sparta7? Well, if you’re looking for sports equipment, this is the place to go! We have everything you’ll need on the site for football, tennis, yoga, martial arts, and much more!

And our newest addition to the Bigboxsave network was just recently launched last week. The site has been in the works for several months now and is intended to cater to one of our best selling items of all time. Care to guess what niche it belongs to?

If you guessed iPhone 4 cases, then you guessed right! iPhoneXCases was recently launched with the sole purpose of creating a virtual one-stop-shop for all your iPhone 4 case needs. But more than that, iPhoneXCases also offers cases for the iPad 2 and the new iPad as well as other Apple accessories as part of its standard fare!

It’s clear that Bigboxsave, and all of it’s sister sites, will be here to stay. Expanding our network and creating niche marketplaces is part of our commitment to serve our customers better by providing them with an easier and more convenient means to find exactly what they’re looking for.

As we continue to expand our network, you can trust that we will continue to provide you with the excellent service that has allowed Bigboxsave to prosper all through these years. And we look forward, with great pride, to serving you for another 4 or 5 years and even further into the future!

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HOT! Ainol Novo 7 Aurora In-Stock Right Now!

May 10th, 2012

One of the hottest selling Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich devices is available from Bigboxsave right now, the Ainol Novo 7  Aurora. Even its official international distributor, uPlayTablet hasn’t been able to keep up with orders for the Ainol Novo 7 Aurora and has currently pushed back shipping on this device until Ainol can release another batch, but here at Bigboxsave we have been lucky to get a hold of this coveted device and currently accept orders at a discounted price of $179.00.

You’re probably asking, what’s all the hype with the Ainol Novo 7 Aurora about? Well, it suffices to say that it’s the best tablet in its class right now, but let me elaborate further.

The Ainol Novo 7 Aurora is the highest end tablet available at the moment in Ainol’s acclaimed Novo 7 line of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich devices. With dozens of positive reviews from both users and experts alike, it’s no wonder why this tablet is all the rage right now. And those positive reviews aren’t empty paid reviews that a lot of Chinese tablet manufacturers resorted to in the past to sell their products. No, these are actual users and experts who are praising the device on respected forums like SlateDroid and on the official Ainol Facebook page.

Ainol already broke records earlier in the year when it released the Ainol Novo 7 Basic, the very first tablet to be launched and released with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on-board. This first Ainol wasn’t very well received because of its low-end processor — making it all but unusable for running higher-end Android applications. The $99 price tag did its work, however, and Ainol was still able to introduce progressively better Android tablets since the Novo 7 Basic until it finally came out with the Novo 7 Aurora and stunned the world.

The Ainol Novo 7 Aurora is a mean contender in its own right. To start with, it boasts a solid Allwinner A10 processor clocked at 1.2GHz, 1.0GB DDR3 RAM, and an independent Mali 400 graphics processor, making it capable of running even the highest-end 3D games available for Android devices right now with other programs running in the background as was evidenced by a series of review videos by a respected root script coder on the SlateDroid forum making its rounds on YouTube right now.

But the Ainol Novo 7 Aurora doesn’t stop at a good processor. As a step up from the Ainol Novo 7 Advanced II that we recently featured in our previous post, the Ainol Novo 7 Aurora packs a stunning LG 1024×600 IPS 5-point multi-touch capacitive screen. What does all that jargon mean? That means that the tablet can detect all five fingers on the screen simultaneously. That means that the display looks smoother and sharper than you’d find on most tablets in the same price range. That means that colors are richer and brighter than they are on an ordinary Android tablet. And that means an ultra-wide field of view so you can share the 7-inch screen with a lot of people when watching a movie and everybody sees all the colors as they should be no matter where they’re seated!

And the Ainol Novo 7 Aurora doesn’t just run well, it feels good too! It’s ultra-thin form factor of just 9.9mm with rounded edges that make it feel even thinner and a weighing just 313 grams, it’s a dream of an Android tablet to use!

Others have raved about a long list of other things that they have found great about the Ainol Novo 7 Aurora, but we’ll leave it at that and allow you to find out for yourselves just how great this inexpensive tablet is. Grab an Ainol Novo 7 Aurora today while we still have them on stock!

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Four 7-inch Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich Tablets That Won’t Break Your Bank

April 30th, 2012

Google Android tablets have gained a lot of popularity for their user-friendliness and relative inexpensiveness. With the evolution of Google’s award-winning operating system, newer tablet models have risen up to the challenge of adopting Google’s latest releases. Google’s newest operating system, Android OS v4.xx “Ice Cream Sandwich,” is an exciting development in the legacy of Google’s touch-screen oriented line of operating systems because it unifies both the previous tablet-oriented and smartphone-oriented versions of the Android OS.

If you think upgrading to the new operating system will mean forking out fistfuls of cash on a new device, think again! Chinese manufacturers of Android devices have recently released some of their latest tablets and Ice Cream Sandwich has been thrown into all of them to complete the treat. The best news is that even if you’re a student on a budget who simply wants a tablet to use as a notepad in class and a research tool in the library or a businessman wanting the most for your money (or looking for a great product to sell), then these tablets will definitely be both affordable (enough to make a profit on) and meet the demands of both the new operating system and even demanding 3D applications and games!

The following Google Android-powered tablets all have a few things in common. For starters, they all use the AllWinner A10 processor, based on the renowned ARM Cortex-A8 processor, clocked at 1.2GHz with a Mali 400 500MHz to boot! That kind of processing power is what allows these tablets to perform well alongside other more expensive tablets without hiking up costs. They also all use the a 7-inch capacitive multi-touch screen with a resolution of 800 by 480 pixels. They also all have 512MB DDR3 ram on board as a perfect match to the formidable processing power of the AllWinner A10.

Where they begin to differ is in the look and feel of each piece. Ainol, Gemei, and Onda have all gone with clean cut contemporary designs. Ainol’s Novo 7 takes a cue from the design of Apple’s iPhone 4 with a sharp, polished outer edge; small, well-positioned buttons complete the design. Onda’s design choice for its Vi10 tablet makes it look like an iPhone 3 at first glance, but keeping the buttons flush along the tablet’s side gives it a personality of its own. Gemei, on the other hand, put its bets on a unibody design for its G3 tablet with a brushed aluminum-styled finish on its rear to complete its look. woPad is the only manufacturer that went in a different direction altogether, choosing instead to use a body and style more commonly associated with cheaper generic tablets on its A10 tablet.

And the hardware front, they all mainly only differ in their front cameras. The woPad and Onda both take bottom spots with 0.3 megapixel cameras. The Gemei follows well ahead of the two with a 1.3 megapixel front camera. And leading the pack on the front camera megapixels is the Ainol with a stunning 2.0 megapixel front camera that proves just lovely for video chatting purposes.

Three of the manufacturers have gifted their tablets with the capability to expand their internal storage memory with SD cards up to 32 gigabytes in size; only the Ainol lags behind with a 16 gigabyte maximum capacity.

But the best thing about all these tablets are their prices. All these four high-quality tablets come it under $130, more than enough reason for you to grab one from an electronics wholesale online shop today!

Ainol Novo 7 Advanced II
Gemie G3
Onda Vi10
woPad 10

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Hello Kitty iPhone 4/4S Mirror Case Invasion

April 21st, 2012

Hello Kitty fans, we got a treat for you! We recently got hit by a large new shipment of Hello Kitty themed accessories for Apple devices. Among them were a set of extremely pretty iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S cases featuring our favorite lovable feline Hello Kitty against mirror backgrounds. The certainly caught the interest of the Hello Kitty fanatics here in the office so we though that may be you’d like to check them out, too!

The cases are basically hard plastic iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S cases with their rears finished to provide a mirror shine. They are not composed of actually mirror glass, so you won’t have to worry about it cracking or chipping and posing an even greater threat to your iPhone. In fact, the cases make for great protection and will allow your iPhone to survive being dropped from a desk or table.

The Hello Kitty designs are printed using durable colors on the mirror finish, and this even creates a very interesting 3D effect. The mirror finish is actually good enough to be used as a mirror for checking your hair and your skin, and Kitty will be right there to entertain you while you’re at it too. We found the following designs very amusing.

Hello Kitty in a Japanese Kimono

Hello Kitty looks as cute as ever in her beautiful Japanese kimono on this mirror case. The Hello Kitty fanatics among our staff really loved how she seems to be walking up to you to give you a hug. They also really loved how much extra space there is to actually use the case as a mirror.

Hello Kitty With a Cute Cellphone

There’s a lot less extra space with this design to actually use the case as a mirror, but Hello Kitty looks absolutely adorable in that angel suit. We also loved that cute little cellphone she’s using. It really reminds us of the work we do here as an online wholesaler offering electronics and cell phones in our catalog.

Hello Kitty Thinking

This designs was particularly amusing because of earlier controversies about the image showing Hello Kitty flipping everyone of with the Finger. But what Hello Kitty is actually doing in the picture is thinking, and this is one of her more popular mannerisms — so there’s really no need to worry about it. She’s still really cute in this design either way.

Hello Kitty as Magical Fairy

We love Hello Kitty no matter what she’s wearing, but this magical fairy is just so cute. It really reminded the fans in our staff of the some of the episodes where Hello Kitty did play a magical fairy. It’s fun and adds to her cuteness a whole lot. If we were Japanese, the politically correct term for her in this design would be, “Kawaii!!!”

Hello Kitty Nice and Simple

Less is more, so they say, and this Hello Kitty design really looks simple but extremely chic. Who said Hello Kitty is nothing but cuteness? In this design she really shines as the fashion icon she in fact is.

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Lose Your Laptop’s Power Supply? No Problem!

April 20th, 2012

Losing your laptop’s power supply is never a good experience — even if you’re laptop is fully charged at the time. No, actually, having your laptop fully charged when you lose its power supply might seem like the cruelest joke in the world. Imagine your laptop slowly dying away as you frantically back everything important up to some external storage — draining its battery, its life, its blood away even faster. Every second the battery indicator on the toolbar or dock gets smaller and smaller, and it seems like your laptop’s battery has never drained away faster than it is doing right then and there. Meanwhile, while in the middle of your frantic effort to back everything up, you’re pulling your hair out trying with all your mind to remember where in the world you might have left the power supply, if there is anyway you can get it back, or if there is any other way that you can give life back to your laptop — supply it with some sort of power to keep it going, to keep it from dying, because suddenly it feels like a friend is giving up the ghost right in your arms.

Well, the truth is, there actually is a way to give your laptop the power it needs even if you’ve lost your power supply! It doesn’t require you to have an extensive knowledge of electronics or do any weird modifications, and really it will be just like getting your power supply back again.

Universal laptop chargers are a great replacement for lost or defective laptop power supplies and will work just like a one. Universal laptop chargers are called what they’re called because they can be used to power and charge a wide variety of laptops. They can be adjusted to the right power requirements of almost any laptop so that you don’t end up underpowering or frying your laptop. Universal laptop chargers also come with a variety of different connectors, so they’ll fit the power ports of a variety of laptops of different brands and models.

Another good thing about universal laptop chargers is that they can also charge a variety of different devices using other connections. We have, for example, a universal laptop charger on stock that can charge devices that charge via USB. Just plug the USB device into the USB port and you’re ready to go! The are also other USB chargers that have voltages and connectors suitable for charging different types of mobile phones.

Another interesting feature of universal laptop chargers is that some of them can actually draw power from the cigarette lighter port in your car. This is a great feature for those who spend a lot of time on their laptops in parking spaces while waiting for someone, like parents waiting for their children to get out of school while finishing up important work so you have time to help them with their homework later on.

So if you ever lose your laptop’s power supply, or it somehow becomes defective, don’t worry! Pick up a universal laptop charger from an online wholesaler! You can even think of it as an upgrade!

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Keep Your Gadgets Powered While On-the-Go

April 15th, 2012

It’s fun to travel around and see new places, discover new things, meet new people, taste new foods, smell new smells, hear new sounds, and enjoy new experiences. The wonder of exploring the world is often all that’s really needed to make the experience of travelling a meaningful and memorable experience.

While away from home and in environments that seems so different from what you’re used to, it’s often great to bring back pictures and video of all the fun you had while you were travelling so that you can share them with friends and family. With convenience of the internet, this has become immensely easier, and you can even upload photos and videos right from your mobile gadgets right at your destination — given, of course, that you have access to internet access where you’re at.

Because of this, it’s often so much of a bummer if your gadget runs out of battery while you’re out on-the-go. Not only do you suddenly lose touch with home, you also miss the chance to share some of your memorable experiences with your loved ones at home. But situations like these can be avoided if you make sure to pack the right gear with you to keep your gadgets alive.

Most gadgets allow you to swap out the battery when it runs out with a new one and, with such devices, it’s usually a much better idea to just bring a couple of spare batteries just in case. However, there are some gadgets, like the iPhone, for example, that have the battery built right into the system keeping you from replacing them on the go.

This is where portable chargers and external batteries come into play. Keep them with you next time you travel and you’ll definitely never run into situations where your gadgets run out of battery just as the fun has started.

External batteries extend the battery life of your gadgets by attaching directly to their charger input ports. These are more widely used on Apple devices, as the wide proprietary port of Apple devices helps to keep them from falling off even with moderate movement. Some external batteries are able to charge more than just one type of device, so if you own several devices with different charger inputs, then you might want to check these out.

A step up the ladder in terms of power, is the portable charger. Portable chargers are pretty much larger external batteries, although you don’t have to keep them attached to your device at all times. In fact, they can be kept in storage in your backpack or purse and only used when a device you’re using has run out of power. When shopping for portable chargers, always check their capacity. A larger battery capacity means that you’ll be able to charge more devices a greater number of times than with chargers with lower battery capacities. Many portable chargers are able to charge two devices at the same time.

If you want to be on the eco-friendly side, whoever, you might want to check out solar battery chargers. These are particularly helpful if you are exploring a part of the world with no access to electricity whatsoever. Just set them out in the sun for a couple of hours to charge their internal batteries and you can use them to charge your gadgets. They’re perfect of jungle safaris!

So next time you go on a trip, don’t forget to bring some extra batteries, external batteries, or power chargers from an online wholesaler with you. You’ll never know when you might suddenly need that extra bit of juice to keep your devices going to capture all those great experiences you’ve head while out exploring the world!

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We’re Making Shopping for Mobile Gadget Accessories Easier!

April 13th, 2012

Here at Bigboxsave, we’re constantly doing our best to make the online shopping experience as hassle-free for our customers as we can. Our biggest and most popular product categories are for mobile gadget accessories like cases, screen protectors, and other such items.

Through feedback from our customers and with a team of experienced web designers, we’ve come to understand that browsing through page after page of mobile gadget accessories looking for the right one can be difficult, and we also know that sometimes the site’s search feature doesn’t always cut it. So to help our customers find the accessories for their gadgets that suit them best, we’re refining our product categories to make it easier to find  the types of accessories that suit them best!

For example, when it comes to cases for the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, we’ve divided the almost 300 iPhone 4/4S cases in our catalog into ten special categories. We’ve grouped the iPhone 4/4S cases into product categories that reflect the kind of cases our customers look for most often. To view the categories, simply go to the iPhone Accessories menu in the Cell Phones category and click on iPhone 4 & 4S Cases product category and you’ll find the iPhone 4/4S cases grouped into product categories like Pink iPhone 4/4S Cases, Cute iPhone 4/4S Cases, and Aluminum iPhone 4/4S Cases. Categories like these should help you find the kind of iPhone 4/4S case that appeals to you much easier than having to browse through the almost 300 iPhone 4/4S cases we offer.

Also, we’ve added several new product categories iPhone 4/4S accessories, like iPhone 4 Car Holders, iPhone 4 Earphones, iPhone 4 Speakers, iPhone 4 Screen Protectors, and iPhone 4 Stylus Pens. These categories were created so that you can easily find the right iPhone 4 accessories you need without having to tediously dig through the entire list of iPhone 4/4S accessories that we offer.

Another product category that we added specific product categories for is iPad 2 cases. We know that the iPad 2 is already being slowly phased out by Apple, but even recently, we’ve noticed that we’ve still been processing a lot of orders from customers looking for iPad 2 cases. And because we have almost 200 iPad 2 cases to choose from, we understand that finding the right one might sometimes be difficult, so we’ve divide that product category into several specific product categories, as well.

For our iPad 2 cases you’ll find that we’ve also split up the whole product category into ten separate groups. There are now specific groups for rotatable iPad 2 cases, smart iPad 2 cases, hardshell iPad 2 cases, and much more! Finding the iPad 2 cases that fits your unique personal needs has never been easier!

And with the recent launch of the new iPad, or 3rd generation iPad as some people like to refer to it, we’ve also started to sell cases for this newest generation of Apple tablets and created a product category especially for it. You can find all our available iPad 3 cases in the iPad Accessories menu in the Computers section of our site under the product category title The New iPad/iPad 3 cases.

We hope that the changes to our site will make your online shopping experience here at Bigboxsave more pleasurable. Look out for more changes to the site as we continue to refine our site in our quest to find ways to serve you better!

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RC Toys to ‘Drive’ Your Fantasy

April 9th, 2012

Ever dreamed of flying a fighter jet or a helicopter, or piloting an aircraft carrier or a speedboat, or racing an F1 car or superbike? Many of us have had such dreams, but few ever really get a chance in their lifetime to live them out.

There are many reasons behind it; money might be tight, you might have pursued an entirely different and “safer” career path, or you simply aren’t suited to the task. Whatever it is, sometimes we wish we could actually be there and do it, even if just for a day.

But what if you could actually do that? Well, maybe not in a very literal sense and a bit scaled down, but radio controlled toys allow you to actually “drive” a race car, “fly” a plane, or “pilot” a ship or boat. It might not put you right in the seat of one of these vehicles, but it can sure as hell put all the control in your hands!

This is the appeal of radio controlled toys – an actual sense of control over a toy so real that it can affect what it is doing entirely. You can fly a plane the way the pros do it in air shows, making a plane dip and dive, spin and roll, yaw and turn in the same way a real plane would – without having to worry that you might die if you ever crash your plane. You can race a car as fast and aggressive as you want, even making it leap of dirt mounds, without worrying about finding yourself in a deadly head on collision. It’s all a way to enjoy your passion for whatever kind of vehicle you prefer in a very realistic but safe way.

But radio controlled toys go even beyond the realm of these “ordinary” vehicles. If you have a fascination for tanks, you don’t need to join the army and do all the rigorous training you’d have to go through to get to drive one; you can simply buy and build a radio controlled tank! In fact, there are even radio controlled tanks that can shoot safe miniature projectiles, and some radio controlled enthusiasts from clubs that hold events like miniature radio controlled war games!

Some radio controlled toys even do away with vehicles all together. If building your own version of the Terminator is your kind of thing, then there’s an ever growing community of robotics enthusiasts who experiment with radio controlled robots! The annual World Robot Olympiad is just one of the proving grounds for robotics enthusiasts.

The dream of getting to fly a plane, drive a racing car, pilot a boat, control a tank, or command a robot is nothing but a fantasy for many, but if you step outside of the box a little and allow yourself to imagine, you’ll find that it doesn’t have to remain a fantasy forever. The simple act of picking up a radio controlled toy that matches whatever it is your fantasy may be based on is all it takes to actually get to live it out! So grab a radio controlled toy at Bigboxsave today!

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Bigboxsave Shipping Tips

April 5th, 2012

Bigboxsave offers you a great way to save money on quality mobile phones, gadgets, and other consumer electronics, apparel, sports equipment, and more. We do our best to give you the service you deserve with our dedicated team of customer service professionals. Still, just like any other online vendor, we admit that there are times when our customers may not be completely satisfied with our services, and we humbly apologize for any inconveniences you may have experienced in the past.

Of the problems we encounter, the largest percentage of these are shipping problems that can easily be avoided with the right knowledge and mindset. To help you avoid shipping problems when shopping with us, here are a few tips to keep in mind next time you put in an order with us:

  • Orders usually ship within two working days from the time you put in your order. This may sometimes be affected by national holidays here in China, so before making an order be sure to check for any holidays that might delay the shipment of your order. Notable public holidays to watch out for are Chinese New Year and National Day. Both holidays are at least three days long. Also, note that when a public holiday is set to occur on a weekend, it is moved to the weekday next to it in order to create a longer vacation. Many sites, including Wikipedia, list Chinese public holidays online.
  • Outside of Chinese public holidays, if your order isn’t shipped within two working days, be sure to follow it up with one of our customer service representatives. You can e-mail us for any and all issues, but it is even better if you contact us via one of our live chat agents. Our live chat agents are available during our office hours from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm China Time daily. We don’t currently have 24 hour live chat agents because the majority of our customers are still from the Asian region.
  • Delays can sometimes occur especially during peak shipping seasons like the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately, there is little we can do about this because the delays aren’t caused by problems on our end but by the shipping companies being bogged down with excessive amounts of cargo needing to be shipped. It is best to avoid peak shipping seasons altogether. For example, make an order for a Christmas present 3 or 4 months in advance to keep from being affected by shipping delays.
  • Unfortunately, at the moment, we cannot offer insurance for every package that we ship out. It is the customer’s responsibility to apply for shipping insurance. Bigboxsave’s responsibility over packages ends when a package is handed over to a shipping company for delivery. We do our utmost to ensure that our packages are securely packed and labeled, however, unfortunately, we do not have any control over the shipping companies. If the product is damaged or lost in transit there is little we can do on our end, especially if you live half the world away from us.
  • Be sure that the address you provided is accurate and complete. We have had customers complain about lost packages that did not arrive at their destination because they were improperly addressed.
  • Bigboxsave includes the tracking number of the package on the sales and shipping invoice e-mailed to your account after the product has been shipped. Make it a habit to check the status of your package regularly, as we have had complaints from customers of packages that didn’t arrive at their homes that were actually held at customs or were withheld by the shipping company because they could not find the given address. If the package has been marked as delivered by the shipping company but did not arrive at its intended destination, contact the shipping company right away, your packaged might have been delivered to the wrong address or might have been stolen from your doorstep. Different shipping companies have different methods of resolution for such problems.
  • Do your best to be home whenever a package is scheduled to arrive. If you are at home when your package arrives, inspect the package before signing for it. Be especially careful when to inspect all orders for electronic equipment as these might sustain irreparable damage while in transit.
  • If damage is suspected, refuse to sign for the package or sign it as “damaged on delivery,” or “internal damage suspected” if you are not sure if the product has sustain shipping damage yet. Electronic items are all checked (turned on and operated as per their designated use) before they are shipped, if an electronic item does not work when it arrives, chances are it was damaged during shipping. If damage is confirmed, refusing to sign, or signing as stated above, should help you file a claim for free shipping for a product replacement.
  • Check with people in your area for the reliability of different shipping companies. There have been some reports of shipping companies such as UPS, Fedex, and DHL whose employees toss packages out of their delivery vans onto their customers’ lawns. A comparison of the care given to packages was conducted by Popular Mechanics by mailing a device that measured the changes in temperature, the number of bumps, the strength of the bumps, and the number of position changes a package made while in transit, and it was found that of all delivery methods, USPS had the safest services.
  • In many countries, you can save on importation taxes by having products marked as gifts or undervalued. Some of our customers have had problems with corrupt customs officials overcharging importation taxes for products, if you experience such problems with customs officials in your country, our customer service representatives will be glad to help you with making such arrangements at no additional cost. Or you can leave such instructions in the Comments section at the end of the order process.
We hope that the tips we included above will help you enjoy shopping with Bigboxsave even more. We assure you that we will continue to do our best to put the best Chinese wholesale products in the spotlight for you. Remember, with us you can Buy Direct & Save, so Bigboxsave right now!


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